Helpling begins secret agent style digital campaign: #missiontoclean

08 DECEMBER 2015

Berlin, 16th November, 2015: Helpling, the leading online-platform for home cleaners, begins its new commercial campaign #missiontoclean, today. The advertising spot will be shown on online advertising platforms like Youtube, Facebook and in online press.

What gets in the way of a secret agent and his adventurous life? Dirt! The online campaign #missiontoclean shows that even secret agents like “George” have to do housework. From being a young boy having to tidy away his toys, to becoming a grown man/secret agent who has to vacuum the house, dirt has followed George through his life. But George has a special gadget that the other agents don't. It allows him to put away the feather duster - instead he can engage in car chases and arrange his stamp collection in peace. George has the Helpling app.

The online video comes at a time of massive revival for the spy movie genre. This year has seen blockbuster productions, including: Matthew Vaughn's 'Kingsman - The Secret Service' and the new Bond, 'Spectre', whilst Steven Spielberg's espionage debut 'Bridge of Spies' comes to cinemas this fall.

The secret agent in Helpling’s #missiontoclean is performed by Nathan Rippy, a Paris based US American actor, who previously starred in such pictures as ‘Taken’ and ‘Carnage’. The video is a tribute to the secret agent movies of the 80s and 90s. It was shot end of October in the Parisian suburbs of Colombes, in a city villa, decorated in the English style.

The film is promoted via the landing page and different online marketing channels like pre-roll ads on Youtube as well as banner advertising on facebook and the online press. The campaign starts simultaneously in the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Australia.

For the spot, Helpling collaborated with the young Paris-based agency Sens, who specialise in digital content and were responsible for the creation and production for this project. Jeremie Villers, partner at Sens media, about the idea behind the spot: “Advertising is normally about someone ordinary doing something extraordinary. Our idea was to invert that. Here we have someone extraordinary, someone who’s job is to save the world, to have to deal with the ordinary, vacuum cleaning. And even when he gets what he wants (free-time) he is simply enjoying the most boring hobby thinkable.”

Till Schmid, Global Head of Marketing at Helpling, about working with Sens: “Our online service is revolutionising the market of household-related services. Until now, the search for a cleaner mainly happened on the black market via recommendations. With Helpling you can get a proven cleaner online with just a few clicks. For our campaigns we prefer to work with companies that function as fast and as unconventionally as we do. With Sens, we found the perfect partner for this project!”

About Helpling

Helpling is Europe’s leading online marketplace for home services. On the website or via the app, customers can book a vetted and insured service provider and gain back free time within a couple of clicks. For service providers, the innovative online service makes it easier than ever to find new clients and to manage when and where they want to work.

Helpling was founded in early 2014 by Benedikt Franke and Philip Huffmann. Among its investors are Rocket Internet, Mangrove Capital, Lakestar, APACIG and Accel. Helpling currently offers its services in 9 countries: Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Ireland, UK, UAE, the Netherlands and Singapore.