Spring cleaning: hacks and tips

22 APRIL 2015, UAE

It is Spring Cleaning Time! Whether it is decluttering your wardrobe or cleaning the rusts left behind your oven, you’d want to start the new season fresh. With a little bit of preparation and a realistic schedule planned, spring cleaning won’t be a tedious task. Helpling, UAE’s first global online platform for booking cleaning services, brings some useful tips to help with your spring cleaning.

Before starting:

Spring cleaning brings your home back on track. This takes time and can not be done in a few hours. Ensure you plan your tasks and tackle them one by one. As long as you have a schedule planned and the products you need, you can get started.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is probably one of the trickiest places to keep clean. When heat and grease is left for a long time, it results in stubborn stains. Here are a few tips to use in the kitchen:

For the dirty stoves and ovens: Burnt, crusty spots on the stove are best removed by dissolving a dishwasher tablet in warm water, then rubbing the mix on the required spot. Leave the mixture for a couple of hours before wiping it off. For all round oven cleaning, fill a baking tray with water and a few drops of washing liquid. Set the heat at 100 C°, allow the heat to evaporate and scrub the surface when finished.

Give kitchen appliances a shine: over time kitchen appliances (made from chrome or stainless steel) become sticky and lose their shine. This layer of grease can be removed with a soft damp sponge dipped in a little baking soda. Shine restored!

Microwave stains: Place a glass of water and lemon juice in the microwave. Turn the device on full power for 5 mins and then wipe off all microwave stains.


The moist environment that bathrooms are exposed to, possibly multiple times a day, can result in tiles getting moldy and sticky shower curtains. Here’s what to do:

Yellow, moldy shower curtains: did you know that shower curtains can be washed? What is important to note here is to wash separately at a 30 C° temperature and not use detergent. Result is clean, bright curtains.

Mold around the shower and bath: Mold stains in the bathroom are unavoidable. However, did you know that all you need is a few drops of tea tree oil to get rid of mold? Soak a Q-tip in the oil and rub on the affected area, off it goes.


The bedroom is a place to rest and not the place to worry. Few things to keep in mind to ensure peace when asleep:

Bed bugs (mites): Mattresses should be turned every 2 weeks to prevent mite infestation. During spring cleaning, dust the mattress properly and then hoover it. You can also rent / buy special vacuum cleaners for dust mites in DIY stores. Ensure you flip the mattress as well.

Declutter your wardrobe: Eliminate any frustrations you might develop from trying to find a piece of clothing and not find it. Keep a system when it comes to your clothes. For example, separate shirts from blouses, skirts from pants. Take it a step further by colour sectioning as well.


Overused and sensitive. Floors do need a lot of care.

Parquet Care: Unfortunately, parquet does get scratched easily and may lose its colour. Experts recommend rubbing a walnut over the affected area; the oil from it will help restore the colour.

Pet hair on carpets: Cats and dogs love to lie on the carpet or the sofa. Pet hair isn't so easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. Instead, take a rubber glove or scotch tape strips and remove the hair by taping it on the surface of the strips.

Living room/loungeDiscolored Porcelain dishes: Some porcelain dishes should not be put in the dishwasher. Luckily, for such cases, there is a simple home remedy: take a cork, dunk it in oil, then salt. In a circular motion, rub over the discolored or dirty surface. Then rinse the porcelain by hand to restore its original shine.

Greying curtains / dusty blinds: When cleaning living room curtain, put half a pack of baking soda into the wash with your curtains and watch that greying disappear. To dust blinds, wear an old sock on your hand and run it over the slats.

With these tips, you should be well prepared for spring cleaning. When finished, enjoy some scented candles in your freshly cleaned home. These tips are brought to you by Helpling.ae 

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